3 Secret Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Author: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
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Commercial cleaning services and Chicago’s rich culture often come together with great results. We recently completed a project for the Black Ensemble Theater in Uptown. The wonderful venue provides a beautiful cultural home for staff, guests and artists. We were honored that they chose us to deep clean the carpets in their building.

Our commercial carpet cleaning keeps us busy all across the city in all kinds of settings. Business owners and property managers often ask us for advice:

“What can I do to keep my office carpets in better shape?”

It’s our job to make your job easier, so we’re happy to share our 3 best carpet cleaning tips and tricks.

Power Up Your Carpet Cleaning Routines

Commercial carpets need three basic types of care: weekly vacuuming, regular steam cleaning and occasional spot treatment. Our tips and tricks let you put real pro power into these three carpet care routines.

1. The Vacuum Needs Your Help


Plug it in, turn it on, and start pushing. You see results right away. What you don’t see steals years of life and good looks from your carpet. Your vacuum can’t do it all by itself. It needs your help.

• Always start fresh

Running the vacuum with a half-full bag doesn’t save supply money. It just makes the equipment work harder. That puts a dent in mechanical life, and it leaves dirt in the carpet too.

• Make it fit the carpet

Adjust the vacuum height to its maximum setting, and then turn on full power. Lower the cleaner head one adjustment at a time until it hugs the carpet and tries to move itself forward.

• Take your time

Racing the vacuum across carpet greatly reduces its suction power. Slowing down is actually more efficient because a relaxed one-time pass over carpets picks up more dirt than rushing the effort. Clean high-traffic areas with a double pass using the same leisurely technique.

2. Steam Clean Outside the Manual


We understand your DIY approach to steam cleaning carpets. All you have to do is rent a machine and read the manual, but there’s a little more to it. We’re happy to share our professional advice.

• Beware of bargains

Cheap rentals can damage carpet, and off-brand machines just don’t have the capacity you need for most commercial projects. Compare models and leasing prices. Bigger steam cleaners are usually better.

• It isn’t a vacuum cleaner

You have to run the regular vacuum before steam cleaning the carpet. Otherwise, the process turns dirt into micro-mud and pushes it through fibers and padding. Pre-treat high-traffic areas with a mild solution of detergent and hot water. Spray it on, and let it set for 10 minutes.

• Count your passes

The water involved in steam cleaning is meant to remove dirt, not soak the carpet. Give an area one pass with detergent and water. Follow that with one pass of neutralizing rinse. Finish with no more than three drying passes, and then wait 12 hours before opening the area to foot traffic.

3. Spot Removing Requires a Gentle Touch

spill on carpet cleaning

Time is the difference between most spots and stains. Once a coffee spill hits your carpet, the liquid begins to oxidize into fibers. You have to act fast, but always go gently with spot cleaning.

Know your spots

Some spills come up with a little soda water while others respond to diluted vinegar. Bookmark several online resources to serve as quick guides when you have to deal with something out of the ordinary.

• Try to work with less

Whether you’re working with a homemade solution or something from the hardware store, don’t saturate the spot. Soaking a spill spreads residue through fibers, so just use a quick spritz.

• Resist rubbing it in

Scrubbing a spill pushes it deep into the carpet beyond your DIY reach. Gently blot an area from the outside toward the center with an absorbent cloth. Change out your blotter as it picks up the spill, and repeat with as many fresh cloths as necessary.

The Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning commercial building

Routine carpet care gets easier once you know the right tricks, but professional attention can really make a difference for your bottom-line. Our commercial carpet services ensure:

  • Professional-grade treatments that protect against stains
  • Compliance with carpet manufacturers’ warranties
  • Documentation for warranty or insurance claims
  • Certified care after fire or water emergencies

The Care Your Carpet Deserves

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If you have any favorite carpet cleaning tips and tricks, feel free to share them through our Comments Section. We enjoy having you as a member of our online community, and we always welcome your input.

Now that you’re on track to give your flooring the care it deserves, complement your efforts with our commercial carpet cleaning. You can count on us to add years of extra life and performance to your flooring investment.

We offer a complete line of office carpet cleaning services for every type of business, facility and venue, so just give us a call today here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.