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Do you need help with water damage at your Avondale home or business? We’re ready to respond.

avondale water damage restorationDealing with water damage always feels overwhelming. When you’re faced with soaked interiors and soggy belongings, it’s hard to know where to start. We understand, and we can help.

Our teams respond to all types of water damage emergencies in Avondale zip code 60618. We’re here for you with a full line of services backed by 85 years of combined experience.

Whether you need water damage restoration at your home or business, you can depend on ServiceMaster by Zaba.

We’re standing by 24/7 ready to take care of all water damage emergencies.

Don’t let water damage spread. Get help now.

Types of Water Damage Situations We Address

Severe Weather Events

avondale water damage cleanup• Winter Freezes – We take care of water damage caused by ice dam leaks and frozen burst pipes.
• Damaging Thunderstorms – Our teams specialize in storm flood cleanup for Avondale homes and businesses.

Post-Weather Water Damage

• Roof Leak Water Damage – We restore walls, ceilings and floors soaked by water leaking through damaged roofs.
• Flooded Basements – Our advanced truck-mounted extraction systems quickly pump out flooded basements.
• Flood-Damaged Contents – We clean salvageable personal belongings, furnishings, business content and more.

Damage From Plumbing Failures

• Pipe Leaks – Behind walls, under floors and in ceilings overhead, we take care of pipe leak water damage.
• Broken Appliances – When an appliance floods your kitchen, laundry room or basement, we’re ready for your call.
• Sewage Spills – Sewer backups pose serious hazardous, but our pros are certified in Category 3 water cleanup.

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Our Water Damage Restoration Services in Avondale IL

When you call us for water damage restoration, we bring our full capabilities to the project, regardless of size. Our residential and commercial customers know they can count on us for an array of specialty services, including:

Emergency Servicesleaking washer avondale chicago

Content Cleaning & Pack-Out Services

  • Water-Damaged Soft Goods – Pack-out and cleaning for bedding, drapes, clothing and more
  • Secure Facility Storage – Storage options at our on-site climate-controlled facilities
  • Electronics and Appliance Cleaning – Available for salvageable electronics and appliances
  • Document Restoration – Expert restoration services for paper documents
  • Disposal Services – Removal and off-site disposal of contents that can’t be salvaged

Reconstruction & Restoration

mold removal avondale

  • Water-damaged material tear-out and repair
  • Interior cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Water-damaged carpet and pad removal
  • Wood flooring repair and reconstruction
  • Baseboard, frame and trim replacement
  • Fire damage mitigation and restoration
  • Property-wide water damage restoration
  • Certified mold removal and remediation
  • Final cleanup and move-in prep
Request a water damage inspection today.

Our 7-Step Water Damage Restoration Process for Avondale, Chicago Residents

1. Immediate Damage Inspection

water damage inspection

We begin with an inspection to determine the extent of damages to your home or business.

Our teams secure the property as needed and address any structural issues and safety hazards.

2. Assessment and Action Plan

Next, we draw up a comprehensive action plan and estimated timetable for each restoration phase. We want you to know what to expect, and we welcome any questions you might have.

3. Water Removal and Mitigation

Standing water is quickly removed using advanced truck-mounted extraction systems. Mitigation includes clearing out debris, containing secondary water damages and starting the drying process.

4. Unsalvageable Material Tear-Out

Often, soaked drywall, ceilings and carpets can’t be salvaged. Our teams tear out and haul off ruined materials and content. This clears the way for water damage remediation and restoration.

5. Property-Wide Structural Drying

This part of the mitigation process significantly reduces property-wide drying time. We set up industrial-grade dehumidifiers, centrifugal air movers and aerodynamic axial fans.

6. Water Damage Cleanup and Remediation

Our technicians clean, sanitize and deodorize interiors, using the latest equipment and safest products. We also clean salvageable personal belongings at your home and business contents at your workplace.

7. Complete Interior Restoration

Floors, subflooring, ceilings and walls are repaired and restored. Our attention to detail includes cabinets, window and door frames, baseboards, trim and wainscoting.

We finish with property-wide cleanup that completely restores your home or business to its pre-loss condition. We don’t consider our job done until we have your final approval.

Get help for water damage. Call now.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage

Fortunately, water damage doesn’t impact a home or business very often. When it does happen, it’s very stressful. These suggestions make it a little easier to deal with the situation.

Water Damage Do’s

  • Do stay safe. Shut down circuit breakers that supply electricity to the affected areas. If you can’t access the breaker box safely, call a licensed electrician.
  • Do contact your insurance company. Give them as much information as you can, and arrange for an adjuster’s inspection. Document water-damaged interiors and contents with photos and videos.
  • Do call a professional water damage restoration company. Secondary damages, such as structural instability and mold growth, develop very quickly. Our technicians can be there in 90 minutes or less.
  • Do open windows, and let fresh air circulate throughout wet interiors. Open closets, cabinets and drawers. Turn on any fans you might have, but only in areas where the electricity supply is safe.

Water Damage Don’ts

  • Don’t try to remove standing water with a regular vacuum cleaner. If you have a wet vac, don’t use it unless you’re sure there are no electrical hazards in the water-damaged areas.
  • Don’t ignore the danger of sagging ceilings or water dripping through overhead fixtures. Stay clear of these areas until our technicians stabilize the scene.
  • Don’t attempt to use appliances or electronic equipment while standing on wet floors or carpets. Wait until our restoration teams inspect the property and give the all-clear.
  • Don’t throw away anything before the insurance adjuster’s inspection. Leave everything as is so that he or she can assess the full extent of your property’s water damage and your losses.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba for Water Damage Restoration in Avondale, Chicago?

Our Emergency Response 24/7

Regardless of what time you call, day or night, we’re here for you. Our teams are ready to dispatch and arrive at your door in 90 minutes or less.

Established Industry Expertise

We bring 85 years of combined experience to every job. Your property is restored by industry-certified technicians who specialize in water damage mitigation and remediation.

Always at Your Service

You can trust us to listen to your concerns and answer any questions. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with the process. Our staff even helps with filing your insurance claim.


Professional from start to finish.
Lisa Fremont
Lisa F.
17:24 03 Apr 24
This is the second time I've used ServiceMaster. I needed the walls and ceiling in my kitchen to be removed due to a water leak from the unit above me. They were super cautious of my furniture and covered everything with plastic. I hired them to do my reconstruction as well and am extremely happy with my new cabinets!
Jorge Daniel castro
Jorge Daniel C.
16:07 21 Mar 24
I had 4 inches of standing water in my basement. ServiceMaster was able to pump all the water out of the basement and cleaned and sanitized my floors and walls. I’m extremely impressed by how quick they worked and how clean they left my basement!
Barney Cruz
Barney C.
16:03 21 Mar 24
I used ServiceMaster for a recent water damage issue. They helped me with my insurance claim and handled all aspects from packing out my home, mitigating and repairs. Thank you ServiceMaster by Zaba, I highly recommend them !!!
madeline kim
madeline K.
00:20 12 Mar 24
Service Master Restoration work was excellent on time professional very clean respectful Employees and very detail in the service that they provide for you. They answer any questions you have And are very helpful And willing to assist you. And their services Was wonderful.
Edwin Munoz
Edwin M.
21:09 18 Jan 24
After a fire, that caused a lot of smoke damage, Fernando the GM, went above and beyond helping us navigate not only the clean up process,but all questions we had. The crew is professional and thorough cleaners. I highly Service Master.
sondra graton
sondra G.
11:56 28 Dec 23
While we were out of town our vanity mirror fell and turned on our sink faucet. Water was running for days, we're not sure when it happened, the fire department was alerted when the house sensors got wet and set off the alarms. our neighbor came over when she saw the fire department. We were called immediately. Our agent highly recommended neil at service master. He came out with a huge team and a general manager. I felt very comfortable with him and all office staff to get the job done while we were still out of town. My neighbor checked in on them until we returned. 80% of my entire house was gutted. I have a lot of custom wall paneling, crown molding and trim. They were able to save it all. They also did my packout and duct work cleaning. Everyone at service master was extremely knowledgeable and professionaland very helpful.
Andres Ortiz
Andres O.
21:15 17 Dec 23


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What should I expect to pay for water damage restoration in Avondale?

The average cost of water damage restoration in Avondale ranges between $3,000 and $8,000. Typically, an estimate is based on the total square footage of areas impacted by the water damage.

Are there things that add to the cost of water damage restoration?

Category 3 water cleanup and serious structural damage can add to the final cost. Cost can also be affected by the volume of contents that need restoration and length of time passed between initial damage and cleanup.

Will my homeowners insurance cover the cost of my water damage?

Homeowners insurance covers water damage from situations such as plumbing failures and frozen burst pipes. However, it doesn’t cover water damage caused by a natural event, such as storm flooding. You can purchase flood protection through the National Flood Insurance Program.