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Ready to Restore the Original Beauty of Your Glencoe Area Rug? We Can Help

As a resident of Glencoe, a unique North Shore village, you know many of the city’s loveliest properties are located right here. As a homeowner who values beautiful interiors, you also know the importance of professional area rug cleaning in Glencoe, IL. We can help.

When you need rug cleaning, you can trust ServiceMaster by Zaba with handmade and machine-made area rugs. Home and business owners rely on our expertise for everything from detailed rug repairs to the best oriental rug cleaning in Glencoe zip codes 60022 and 60093.

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From expensive area rugs to family treasures, these are just a few of the imported and domestic rugs we take care of with free pickup and delivery:

  • Antique Afghani flat weaves
  • Handmade Pakistani area rugs
  • Flat-woven Indian dhurrie rugs
  • Timeless Karastan area rugs
  • Wool, cotton and silk Oriental rugs
  • Kerman and Sarouk Persian rugs
  • Wool shag flokati rugs
  • Antique Aubusson tapestry rugs
  • Priceless heirloom area rugs
  • Vintage needlepoint rugs
  • Luxurious designer-name area rugs
  • Leather, exotic fur and animal skin rugs

In addition to professional area rug care, we offer expert carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our services are available for residential and business clients as well as private and public organizations.

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Services for Glencoe, Ilinois

They’re as important to your home’s interior design as your favorite furnishings and fine art. Area rugs add a unique comfort and beauty to each room. They also work hard in high-traffic areas, and they trap dust, allergens and airborne contaminants deep in rug fibers.

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Over time, all area rugs in Glencoe, IL need professional deep cleaning. That’s our specialty. We provide a complete line of services that rejuvenate, restore and extend the life of all your area rugs.

Expert Area Rug Cleaning

Regardless of fiber type or construction, we know how to clean area rugs. Our teams are highly trained in gentle, effective cleaning techniques that bring dingy, tired area rugs back to life.

Hands-On Rug Repair

It takes an experienced touch to carefully repair a torn area rug. We do it every day. Our technicians patch holes, reweave fibers, trim fringe and re-stretch the most delicate area rugs.

Complete Area Rug Restoration

Don’t give up on water- or smoke-damaged area rugs. We can often salvage and restore your treasured rugs to their original condition. We also address problems like mold, stains and stubborn odors.

On-Site Area Rug Storage

When you need to store an area rug, let us keep it safe in our climate-controlled facility. We make sure your rug stays in perfect condition from complimentary pickup to free delivery.

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Why Choose Us as Your Area Rug Cleaners in Glencoe?

We Excel at Area Rug Cleaning

For more than 85 years, we’ve provided certified care for area rugs in Glencoe homes and businesses. Our technicians excel at the different methods necessary to clean every type of rug fiber and material.

Your Rugs Receive the Safest Care

Our area rug cleaning process is designed to treat each piece with custom care. Regardless of a rug’s age, condition or material, you can be sure it’s cleaned with the safest techniques and products.

We Guarantee Odor Removal

Your rug is returned to you looking and smelling as fresh as brand new. We’re so sure of our specialized odor removal services that we back them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our 7-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process for Glencoe Residents

1. Free Pickup Service

Our free area rug pickup service arrives at your home or business according to your schedule. We carefully prepare the rug for safe transportation to our advanced cleaning facilities.

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2. Expert Rug Inspection

Once the rug arrives, certified technicians inspect fiber and backing to make sure there aren’t any problems. If we encounter anything that requires additional attention, we let you know right away.

3. Pre-Clean Conditioning

Each rug is examined to determine what type of pre-clean conditioning may be needed. For example, we can stabilize dyes in multicolored area rugs, address stubborn pet stains, and treat odors with a natural enzyme bath.

4. Custom Area Rug Cleaning

Depending on the rug’s material and construction, we choose the safest technique for deep cleaning. After gently shampooing or dry-cleaning, we finish up with finalized stain and odor removal.

5. Closely Monitored Drying

Humidity and temperature are critical factors in drying different types of area rugs. Both are closely monitored as your rug is blocked and dried in a controlled environment.

6. Detailed Hand Grooming

Our last step treats your area rug with detailed hand grooming. Fibers are carefully brushed to restore the rug’s pile. We also brush out fringe and trim it into shape as needed.

7. Complimentary Doorstep Delivery

Once the area rug is clean and conditioned, it’s returned to your doorstep via complimentary delivery. Upon your inspection and final approval, we thank you for your business and look forward to serving you again.

What is the average cost of area rug cleaning in Glencoe?

The cost to clean an area rug depends on its size, materials and condition. Be sure to ask about our latest area rug cleaning specials.

Can you restore fire- or water-damaged area rugs?

Yes. Our industry-trained technicians can often salvage and restore area rugs damaged by fire or water. We can also restore rugs affected by mold and mildew.

Do you treat area rugs for pet stains and odors?

Yes. We specialize in eliminating stubborn stains and pet odors from area rugs. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on odor removal.