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Do You Want to Renew the Special Beauty of Your Area Rugs? We Can Help

We know how much you love your home’s area rugs. Their special beauty adds inviting warmth and a decorative touch to every room. Whether they’re expensive area rugs or cherished family heirlooms, each one is unique.

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When residents here need the very best area rug cleaning in Edgebrook, they call ServiceMaster by Zaba. Our certified area rug cleaners stay busy helping Northwest Side homeowners every day. You’ve probably seen our service vans here in the neighborhood.

Year after year, we consistently earn client trust by providing premier area and oriental rug cleaning in Edgebrook zip code 60646. Our technicians take care of these imported and domestic rugs, including all types of handmade and machine-made area rugs.

  • Oversized Aubusson tapestry rugs
  • Expensive silk Oriental rugs
  • Vintage wool Persian rugs
  • Fluffy flokati area rugs
  • Hand-crafted Afghani rugs
  • Antique wool Pakistani area rugs
  • Hand-woven Karastan rugs
  • Flat-woven Indian dhurrie rugs
  • Heirloom needlepoint area rugs
  • Luxury designer-name area rugs
  • Natural and faux leather and fur rugs

We renew your area rugs with services that include complimentary estimates, personal consultations and free rug pickup and delivery. We also offer certified upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning for Edgebrook homes and businesses. Call today, and ask about our latest area rug cleaning specials.

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Services for Edgebrook

Area rugs protect carpets and floors, but foot traffic eventually results in damaged rug materials. Fibers trap dust, bacteria and mold spores, and that impacts indoor air quality. Preserving a rug’s condition requires professional skills and advanced methods. We provide it all, including these specialized services.

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Experienced Rug Repair

Our experienced technicians serge edge warps, overcast exposed weft loops and replace fringe. From backing repairs to stretching and blocking, we make worn rugs look and feel new again.

Gentle Area Rug Cleaning

Regardless of their material or age, rest assured that your area rugs are gently cleaned by industry-certified technicians. Our focus on detail ensures that each rug is treated with individual care.

Complete Rug Restoration

As a full-service restoration business, we can often salvage, clean and restore fire- and water-damaged area rugs. From addressing insect damage to mitigating mold damage, our teams restore your valuable rugs to their original condition.

In-House Area Rug Storage

Our state-of-the-art facilities include climate-controlled area rug storage. Whether you need short- or long-term storage, we handle it with free pickup and delivery that includes prepping and wrapping rugs for transport.

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Why Choose Us As Your Area Rug Cleaners in Edgebrook?

You Want Custom Rug Care

Over the years, we’ve developed specialized techniques for cleaning all types of area rugs. We put that experience to work by customizing our process for each rug in your home or business.

You Need Pet Odor Removal

Our unique pet odor removal service is highly effective. It restores rug fiber and backing freshness, and it comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s how well it works.

We Offer Eco-Friendly Cleaning

If you prefer alternatives to traditional rug care, we offer a full line of green area rug cleaning services. By request, we treat your rugs with eco-friendly Green Seal certified products and techniques.

Our 7-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process for Edgebrook Residents

1. Consultation With Free Pickup

We start by scheduling free rug pickup at your home or business. During this time, we consult with you about specific problems, such as stains or pet odors, and explain your options.

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2. Detailed Area Rug Assessment

Back at our cleaning facility, we give each rug a detailed assessment. This allows us to identify any overlooked issues, in which case we call you right away.

3. Effective Pre-Clean Techniques

Pre-clean techniques include applications that address stains and odors. Our in-house teams also stabilize brightly colored rug dyes with special treatments and eliminate mold and bacteria with natural enzyme baths.

4. Gentle, Thorough Rug Cleaning

Depending on its materials, each rug is gently dry cleaned or shampooed. We carefully work through fibers, fringe and backing, and then thoroughly rinse all materials. We also apply protective treatments per your request.

5. Closely Monitored Drying

Next, freshly cleaned area rugs are moved to our on-site drying facility. The climate-controlled environment allows us to closely monitor temperature and humidity to ensure a safe drying process.

6. Hand Grooming and Inspection

We finish up with hand-grooming techniques that restore softness to fibers and fringe. Pile is fluffed and evened, and materials are double-checked to make sure we’ve addressed all stains, odors and repairs.

7. Free Delivery and Placement

Finally, we arrange complimentary clean rug delivery around your schedule. As each rug is returned to its original location in your home or business, we make sure you’re completely satisfied with our area rug cleaning services.

What is the average cost of area rug cleaning in Edgebrook?

Area rug cleaning averages between $50 and $300 per rug. That range takes into consideration rug size, materials, age and condition. We’re happy to give Edgebrook residents a free quote on area rug cleaning.

Why and how often do area rugs need professional cleaning?

Dirt, microscopic debris and airborne contaminants damage and dull fibers. Humidity often causes mold growth in rug materials. Professional rug cleaning at least once or twice a year minimizes these potential problems.

Do stored area rugs need protection from bugs and humidity?

Yes. Basements and garages are not good environments for storing area rugs. Instead, make sure they’re wrapped in protective Tyvek paper for safe transport to a climate-controlled storage facility. Our on-site area rug storage service includes free pickup and delivery.